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ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispenser

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ATS Acoustic Liquid DispenserProduct description

The ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispenser transfers chemical and biological solutions using focused sound energy to eject single-digit nanolitre droplets directly from a source liquid meniscus up onto inverted target destinations. The ATS is flexible, application friendly and is highly adaptable to meet a broad range of liquid handling needs and requirements.

Higher Performance: The ATS can dispense from 96, 384, 1536 & 3456 wellplates. Transfer liquid from your choice of source plate into any destination substrate imaginable. Total liquid transfer volumes start as low as 1.0 nL. A wide range of liquids can be transferred by the ATS using any calibration available on the system. The ATS has a lower starting and dead volume than any other automated instrument, delivering high performance while conserving resources and reducing costs.

More Applications: No other instrument can provide the level of liquid dispensing flexibility that the ATS has. From pre-plating of compounds for screening, dose-responses, hit-picking, plate reformatting and consolidation, to PCR, protein crystallography, niche arrays, and delivery of liquids onto microfluidic devices, the ATS is designed and built ready to handle any application requiring accurate and precise liquid transfers of ultra-low volumes. 

Engineering Excellence: For every new technology that comes along, a new set of benchmarks define the levels of excellence. In acoustic dispensing, creating smaller drops such as 1.0 nl out from a variety of source plates is one of those benchmarks. Another is the ability to consistently dispense liquid out of ultrahigh-density plate formats.

Reduce Waste: The ATS uses True Non-contact Technology which does not require tips or capillaries. This eliminates tip disposal and cleaning with harsh solvents. In addition, since transferred liquid volumes can be orders of magnitude less than conventional liquid handling methods, the entire assay or experiment can also be miniaturized, greatly reducing consumable and chemical waste.

ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispenserapplication area

Drug Discovery

Protein crystallography

Mass Spectrometry 

Personalized medicine



Synthetic biology

ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispensertechnical parameter

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