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LBD Life SciencesChina Limited is the subsidiary of TTP Labtech,  focusing on serving customer in biotech/pharmaceutical companies and research  institutions in China.

TTP Labtech has firmly established  itself as a global developer and manufacturer of high quality, robust and   innovative automated laboratory equipment for both the academic and industrial  sectors of pharmaceutical and biotech research.

TTP Labtech offers a portfolio of  products that minimise assay volumes, reduce material handling costs and put  the discovery tools back in the hands of the scientist. Those products include:
■   acumen eX3, for high content   screening. TTP Labtech’s acumen eX3 is the fastest imaging system available  today. It allows you to collect and simultaneously analyze over 40 images per  second, covering every cell within the entire well area.
■   mirrorball, high sensitivity   cytometry for cell based assays. mirrorball’s flexibility allows direct transfer of cell based assays that normally require ABI 8200 (FMAT®), high  content imaging or flow cytometry. It is the first system in its class to offer  simultaneous scanning with multiple lasers (405, 488 and 640 nm).
■   mosquito, for liquid handling,   provides you with precise and repeatable nanolitre pipetting, every time,  irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.
■   comPOUND, a modular system   comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialised delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any  compound management or screening system.
■   arktic, the low footprint, high capacity  storage solution to -80°C biobanking. Using TTP Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic  transport technology, arktic gives you unrivalled robustness and reliability  for all your -80°C storage requirements.
■   lab 2 lab, a  novel laboratory automation managementsolution to optimise  access to your analytical instrumentation.

LBD is also the distributor of some excellent   instruments and reagents including MSD、BioMicroLab、KBiosystems、TAP  Biosystems、Titian and BlueCatBio.

In addition, led by a team with international experience and vision, LBD provides dedicated procurement services to customers, stock and distribute common consumables and reagents, and strive for  the facilitation of the supply chain in biotech and pharmaceutical industry (SPM  Service).

Through  LBD Life Sciences, you can:
■   Streamline  external procurement process and enhance the procurement efficiency
■   Enjoy  a network of high-rated suppliers and in-time delivery of quality product
■   Enjoy  the best practice and cut down the cost through our aggregation procurement
■   Get  first-rate products and service

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